How to maintain your projector

Mucky projector

Often we receive call outs from customers regarding problems with their projectors, to avoid some of these potential problems here’s a few simple steps you can take to keep them in top condition.

1. Keep them clean!!  Avoid build up of dust and dirt across the vents, pull out the removable filters and keep them clean. If the DMD within the projector overheats and will be costly to replace.

2. Keep the optics clean, wipe down the lens with a lint free non abrasive cloth.

3. Try to avoid using them in a damp atmosphere, this will eventually corrode the electronics and cloud up the optics.

4. Projector placement – avoid locating then local to air handling units – this seriously reduces the life of your projector.

5. Keep your eye on the total lamp hours and check against the manual.

6. Keep them at the orientation stated by the manufacturer. Placing your projector vertical may cause them to overheat.

7. Get a service contract with your AV supplier who can ensure all of the above is in check.


The Terrace in Lymm has a new sound system

Audac ATEO2D

The Terrace in Lymm is an established cafe serving up a selection of the finest food and drink. The owner required a discrete and distributed sound system to provide even background music throughout.

We proposed and installed the petite Audac ATEO2D speakers together with a two channel Apart Concept 1 amplifier. This system is to be extended in the future for a second audio zone local to the outdoor patio area.


Village Point – Sound System

Village Point

The management of the prestigious Village Point Conference and Wedding venue approached us to provide and integrated sound system.

We provide a proposal of a matrix controlled system which allows different music sources or a solo source to be played in multiple rooms.

Both the Lodge and the Ballroom are equipped with reliable Turbosound speakers finished in white, powered by Audac SMA Class D amplifiers, with an Audac MTX digital audio matrix.

Each room has a mullti fuction control plate with inputs for DJ’s and live sound.


Night & Day Café Lighting

night and day



The Night and Day Café is one of Manchester’s most established music venue. It’s host to tens of thousands of different artists over it’s 20 year plus lifespan, from jazz, rock, techno and electronica.

The owners contacted Hollowsphere AV to rejuvenate their tired lighting system.

We obliged by stripping out all the old par cans and cabling and replacing it with a fresh LED based system.

It comprises of four of the MKII Showtec Phantom moving head spots, Prolights Lumipar slim pars and battens which provide red, green, bluem white, amber and UV wash, some Prolights pinspots, an Antari Hazer and a DMX desk.


The results have been excellent.

Pop down to Night and Day to check it out.

Festival Sound and Lighting

It’s been a busy few months after a two successful festivals, Chorlton Arts Festival (in Chorlton, South Manchester) and The Barnaby Festival (in Macclesfield)

Due to the size of St Michaels church in Macclesfield we needed to deploy delay speakers down each wing of the church to ensure audience coverage. Lighting was minimal at Barnaby festival where at Chorlton Arts we could use more dynamic lighting and effects.

If you need sound, lighting and production services for your local festival, please contact us.

Here are a few pictures from the two above events.

Chorlton Arts Festival

Chorlton Arts Festival vibe


Chorlton Arts Festival

Chorlton Arts Festival


PINS at Chorlton Arts Festival

PINS at Chorlton Arts Festival


John Bramwell at Barnaby Festival

John Bramwell at Barnaby Festival


Brian Cox and Tim O'Brien at Barnaby Festival

Brian Cox and Tim O’Brien at Barnaby Festival


Pre gig at the Barnaby Festival, featuring the NOVA acoustics VS8 delay speakers

Pre gig at the Barnaby Festival, featuring the NOVA acoustics VS8 delay speakers

Hollowsphere AV provides sound and light for The Barnaby Festival


This year the organiser’s of the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival have asked us to provide sound and lighting production for their core events, held in the beautiful St Michael’s Church.

St Michaels

As you can see from the photo it’s quite a large church. After a site visit we’ve decided to use a KV2 audio system of 2 x ESD 12 top speakers and ES1.8 subwoofers up front, with four of our new NOVA acoustic VS8 delay speakers to the rear of the church. For the mix we’ve chosen our reliable and trustworthy Allen and Heath QU16 digital mixer with D snake and AR168 stagebox running on CAT5.

Lighting will need to be discrete therefore we will use 4 metre uprights on tank traps, fitted with Source four junior zoom profiles, wash function will be with Prolights 12UQPRO’s and a spot of minimal eye candy with two Showtec Phantom 50 moving head spots, all controlled by Avolites Titan.

If you can make it down you can see a performance by John Bramwell, plus talks by the Professor Brian Cox, Tim OBrien, Owen Jones & Nick Robinson.

Barnaby Festival is from 17th till 26th June, link to the website here.

If you need professional live sound for your event call Hollowsphere AV on 0161 636 7547



Optoma Projectors

Optoma Projectors


Hollowsphere AV can offer superb deals on the full range of Optoma Projectors.


The above is their handy ML750st led projector that fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for small meeting room presentations and featuring wxga resolution at 800 lumens.

Their range starts with this right up to 12,000 lumen WUXGA projectors for large auditoriums.

If you need a quotation on any Optoma Projectors call Hollowsphere on 01616367547 or email

More information on Optoma Projectors can be found at

NOVA Acoustic – Loudspeaker Systems

NOVA Acoustic


We’re delighted to become a dealer of NOVA loudspeakers systems, amplifiers and controllers designed and manufactured in Pocking, Germany.

CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH is the roof of the brand NOVA (NOVACOUSTIC). With over 30 years experience they develop high performance audio products for the audio installation, cinema and audio rental markets. Their  products are typically used by bands and musicians, AV hire companies, Churches, Night Clubs, Stadiums etc.

Established high performance loudspeaker components are used in NOVA Acoustic products from BMS, B&C, Beyma, 18-SOUND and FAITAL as well as their own components.

Our favourite is the ELITE Live system comprising of four horn loaded 18 inch E18SUB subwoofers and two EH15 horn load mid top speakers, this can be supplied as a full system with or without NOVA amplifiers, rack, distro and crossover unit. The smaller ELITE EL26 and EL10 line array boxes can be stacked on top of the E18SUB in various combinations.


Useful products for the installation market include the VISIO series ranging from small two way 8 inch cabinets to mighty double 18 inch sub woofers cabinets, ideal for bar and club installations.



The above is just a small slice of the NOVA Acoustic range, for more products have a look for yourself at the Nova Acoustic website.

For more details, prices or to arrange a demo contact Hollowsphere AV on 0161 636 7547 or

Hifi sound for your bar or cafe, using a DAC

Hifi Sound for your cafe or bar – using a DAC

Nuforce udac3

We are in the process of testing out outboard DACs on bar sound systems. It’s a little device that’s connected to your computer via USB, the audio cable is connected from the DAC to your amplifier. The digital to analogue conversion is done within the DAC which has superior circuitry as compared to the DAC within your computer. The theory is that this will result in an increase in sound quality as compared with the usual “plug it into the headphone socket” mode of operation. Were testing the Optoma Nuforce udac 3 as shown in the photo, will report back soon on the results.