LED club lighting – it’s the future !!


LED Stage lighting in your venue – Why you need it?

Here’s a photo from a club in the Northern Quarter in Manchester called KRAAK. We’ve just installed an LED lighting system consisting of two moving heads, a mirrorball, 4 x rgbw led slimpars and a control desk. We added scenes in the desk to create different modes according to the event, be it a gig, comedy, rave etc. We know that long term installation of lighting systems such as this in your venue will provide you with many benefits such as the following:

  • Customers will stay longer at a professionally lit venue.
  • If the customers stay longer, the venue will sell more food and drink.
  • Professional lighting will provide a memorable experience which means repeat business, bigger turnover etc.
  • When photographs are taken at live events, they look more dramatic which is good for the venue and artist, especially in an age where images are quickly uploaded to social media tools such as twitter, facebook, flickr. (on the flip side how many times do you see artists under dim and uninspiring lighting at venues?).

Often lighting systems are overlooked by venues, possibly because then venue owners believe that such systems are expensive to install, operate and maintain, this is a misconception. With the use of low running cost led technology, lamps can last up to 50,000 hours, from an operational perspective we can pre program the systems to enable the customer to press programmed scene buttons. The installation cost are relatively low in comparison with venue sound systems, plus if they attract and retain customers they will pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Led lighting technology can also be utilised on the exterior of a building to wash it in different colour schemes. Control can be via a simple desk, remote control or via a smartphone with an appropriate ethernet/ dmx interface. The above are just a few benefits from the installation of venue lighting. If you’d like to discuss your venue requirements please contact us on 01616367547 or via our website at www.hollowsphere.org We can arrange a site visit, provide a proposal and quotation – what are you waiting for?

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