NOVA HX series amplifiers

Available now from Hollowsphere are the NOVA HX series amplifiers.

Professional class-H power amplifiers

The HX Series models are affordable, reliable and quality power amplifiers. The amplifiers suit for musicians, DJs, and entertainers as well as houses of worship, cinemas, clubs, and pubs. The four models are HX900, HX1500, HX2000 and HX4000. Features include XLR inputs, user selectable input sensitivity of 0.755V or 1.4V, Speakon and binding post outputs, stereo / parallel / bridge-mono modes, LED indicators and forced-air cooling. All models include protection against shorts, no-load, on/off thumps and radio-frequency interference.

We have installed a number of these amplifiers for club audio installations and we are very happy with their performance.

NOVA HX series amplifiers – available from Hollowsphere.

Cellar Club audio system rack – installed by Hollowsphere February 2019

Conference Audio Visual by Hollowsphere – Manchester

Hollowsphere can provide you with all your Conference AV requirements, including projectors, sound systems, TV’s, radio microphones and Engineers to technically run your event.

All our equipment is fully tested to ensure your event runs smoothly, and we can react quickly should you need any last minute event modifications.

To book your Conference AV equipment call Hollowsphere on 0161 636 7547

Conference audio for the Radisson Blu Hotel
Conference audio and High Definition Projector and Screen at Roc & Rye, Manchester

Foundation Coffee House – NQ – Manchester

A ten speaker background music system has been installed in the popular Foundation Coffee House located in the heart of the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

The customer brief was to design a system that could cover all areas of the café without audio spill to the Barista counter, to include volume control over two areas of the café.

We provided CAD drawings of the system to the client, once approved with installed the equipment in off peak hours. The café is now fitted with ten Martin Adorn A55’s in white (six in one zone and four in the other), one Crown Xti1002 DSP amplifier with a Cloud two zone mixer. Audio connection points are provided, plus projector audio is incorporated into the system.

NOVA KD range monitors

Let us introduce you to our NOVA KD12 monitor, a “jack of all trades” loudspeaker. Can be used as a normal floor monitor wedge, as a stage fill or pole mounted speaker for front of house or as a rear delay fill. It has on board DSP with three band eq and delay functions. The speaker is rated at 350 watts RMS and is fitted with a two way coaxial 12 inch driver.

Also available the NOVA KD10 and KD12 speaker, more details on this link

Call Hollowsphere for a quotation to buy or rent

NOVA KD12 monitor

Monolake Gig – Texture Manchester

Did you know that we recently provided a four point sound system for a live performance by the legendary Robert Henke, the creator of performance software ABLETON? The gig was on the 28th October 2017 at Texture in Manchester, a superb venue for cutting edge events.

Our system consisted of four of our Nova Acoustic EX600 columns, with deep bass provided by a cluster of four Nova E18 horn loaded subwoofers. We used two Linea Research 4 channel 44M20 power amplifiers to power the system, one amp to the bass cluster with independent speaker output to each EX600 column. This allowed Robert to manipulate sounds around the whole dance floor during the performance.

His set was mesmerising, the EX600’s provided really crisp detail, with a warm but strong impulses from the sub woofer stack.

One audience member posted this on Twitter after the gig

“Outstanding quadrophonic Monolake set from last night”

For Hollowsphere the event was a real success and we look forward to more events like this with Texture in the future.

Lasers and lights at Monolake Gig

Lasers and lights at Monolake Gig

Laser and Sound System set up

Laser and Sound System set up

Robert Henke in action

Robert Henke in action





We’ve bought some lasers !!!

After so much customer demand we’ve taken the plunge and invested in a couple of RGB lasers from Laserworld

Laserworld CS1000 RGB

Laserworld CS1000 RGB

We have two CS1000 RGB as per the above photo, ideally for larger event spaces. Both units can operate in auto, sound or DMX mode, the CS1000 RGB can be used with control software such as Pangolin quickshow.

We recommend that these be installed and operated in line with UK Health and Safety Guidelines stated on this link

CS100- RGB laser output

CS1000- RGB laser output

For more details on our lasers for hire call Hollowsphere on 0161 636 7547


How to maintain your projector

Mucky projector

Often we receive call outs from customers regarding problems with their projectors, to avoid some of these potential problems here’s a few simple steps you can take to keep them in top condition.

1. Keep them clean!!  Avoid build up of dust and dirt across the vents, pull out the removable filters and keep them clean. If the DMD within the projector overheats and will be costly to replace.

2. Keep the optics clean, wipe down the lens with a lint free non abrasive cloth.

3. Try to avoid using them in a damp atmosphere, this will eventually corrode the electronics and cloud up the optics.

4. Projector placement – avoid locating then local to air handling units – this seriously reduces the life of your projector.

5. Keep your eye on the total lamp hours and check against the manual.

6. Keep them at the orientation stated by the manufacturer. Placing your projector vertical may cause them to overheat.

7. Get a service contract with your AV supplier who can ensure all of the above is in check.


The Terrace in Lymm has a new sound system

Audac ATEO2D

The Terrace in Lymm is an established cafe serving up a selection of the finest food and drink. The owner required a discrete and distributed sound system to provide even background music throughout.

We proposed and installed the petite Audac ATEO2D speakers together with a two channel Apart Concept 1 amplifier. This system is to be extended in the future for a second audio zone local to the outdoor patio area.