Festival Sound and Lighting

It’s been a busy few months after a two successful festivals, Chorlton Arts Festival (in Chorlton, South Manchester) and The Barnaby Festival (in Macclesfield)

Due to the size of St Michaels church in Macclesfield we needed to deploy delay speakers down each wing of the church to ensure audience coverage. Lighting was minimal at Barnaby festival where at Chorlton Arts we could use more dynamic lighting and effects.

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Here are a few pictures from the two above events.

Chorlton Arts Festival

Chorlton Arts Festival vibe


Chorlton Arts Festival

Chorlton Arts Festival


PINS at Chorlton Arts Festival

PINS at Chorlton Arts Festival


John Bramwell at Barnaby Festival

John Bramwell at Barnaby Festival


Brian Cox and Tim O'Brien at Barnaby Festival

Brian Cox and Tim O’Brien at Barnaby Festival


Pre gig at the Barnaby Festival, featuring the NOVA acoustics VS8 delay speakers

Pre gig at the Barnaby Festival, featuring the NOVA acoustics VS8 delay speakers

Hollowsphere AV provides sound and light for The Barnaby Festival


This year the organiser’s of the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival have asked us to provide sound and lighting production for their core events, held in the beautiful St Michael’s Church.

St Michaels

As you can see from the photo it’s quite a large church. After a site visit we’ve decided to use a KV2 audio system of 2 x ESD 12 top speakers and ES1.8 subwoofers up front, with four of our new NOVA acoustic VS8 delay speakers to the rear of the church. For the mix we’ve chosen our reliable and trustworthy Allen and Heath QU16 digital mixer with D snake and AR168 stagebox running on CAT5.

Lighting will need to be discrete therefore we will use 4 metre uprights on tank traps, fitted with Source four junior zoom profiles, wash function will be with Prolights 12UQPRO’s and a spot of minimal eye candy with two Showtec Phantom 50 moving head spots, all controlled by Avolites Titan.

If you can make it down you can see a performance by John Bramwell, plus talks by the Professor Brian Cox, Tim OBrien, Owen Jones & Nick Robinson.

Barnaby Festival is from 17th till 26th June, link to the website here.

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NOVA Acoustic – Loudspeaker Systems

NOVA Acoustic


We’re delighted to become a dealer of NOVA loudspeakers systems, amplifiers and controllers designed and manufactured in Pocking, Germany.

CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH is the roof of the brand NOVA (NOVACOUSTIC). With over 30 years experience they develop high performance audio products for the audio installation, cinema and audio rental markets. Their  products are typically used by bands and musicians, AV hire companies, Churches, Night Clubs, Stadiums etc.

Established high performance loudspeaker components are used in NOVA Acoustic products from BMS, B&C, Beyma, 18-SOUND and FAITAL as well as their own components.

Our favourite is the ELITE Live system comprising of four horn loaded 18 inch E18SUB subwoofers and two EH15 horn load mid top speakers, this can be supplied as a full system with or without NOVA amplifiers, rack, distro and crossover unit. The smaller ELITE EL26 and EL10 line array boxes can be stacked on top of the E18SUB in various combinations.


Useful products for the installation market include the VISIO series ranging from small two way 8 inch cabinets to mighty double 18 inch sub woofers cabinets, ideal for bar and club installations.



The above is just a small slice of the NOVA Acoustic range, for more products have a look for yourself at the Nova Acoustic website.

For more details, prices or to arrange a demo contact Hollowsphere AV on 0161 636 7547 or sales@hollowsphere.org