Monolake Gig – Texture Manchester

Did you know that we recently provided a four point sound system for a live performance by the legendary Robert Henke, the creator of performance software ABLETON? The gig was on the 28th October 2017 at Texture in Manchester, a superb venue for cutting edge events.

Our system consisted of four of our Nova Acoustic EX600 columns, with deep bass provided by a cluster of four Nova E18 horn loaded subwoofers. We used two Linea Research 4 channel 44M20 power amplifiers to power the system, one amp to the bass cluster with independent speaker output to each EX600 column. This allowed Robert to manipulate sounds around the whole dance floor during the performance.

His set was mesmerising, the EX600’s provided really crisp detail, with a warm but strong impulses from the sub woofer stack.

One audience member posted this on Twitter after the gig

“Outstanding quadrophonic Monolake set from last night”

For Hollowsphere the event was a real success and we look forward to more events like this with Texture in the future.

Lasers and lights at Monolake Gig

Lasers and lights at Monolake Gig

Laser and Sound System set up

Laser and Sound System set up

Robert Henke in action

Robert Henke in action





Mary and Archie, Chorlton – Sound System

Sound system for the new Mary and Archie bar in Chorlton

mary and archie sound system

The popular Mary and Archie café – bar,  based on Burton Road Didsbury is to expand it’s business into a second venue in Chorlton, located on Manchester Road (opposite the old leisure centre).

Elli and Tom contacted us to provide a new sound system, to be designed for playing background music and to be used for DJ playback.

The installation will comprise of six Apart Mask 6 speakers with an Apart Revamp 2600 (running at 2 x 600 watts RMS into 4 ohms) with an Apart PM7400 MKII two zone mixer, a remote connection point for a DJ will be provided.

Plans for a future powered sub woofer are in the pipeline.

The new café – bar is due to open on Friday 19th February 2016, we wish Elli and Tom all the best with their new venue.

More pictures up here soon.

Hollowsphere AV YouTube video – Projector Basics

Projector Basics Video from Hollowsphere

We’ve made and uploaded a video for you to YouTube as a guide to the “Projector Basics”. It covers projector mounting, keystone adjustment and positioning, ideal for newcomers to projector selection etc. More videos up here soon.